Who are we?
The Tangokombinat unites a group of friends with very different backgrounds but with the same ideas about tango. 
We discovered tango in our home regions and travel far to promote, teach, study and live social tango. Some of us have been to Buenos Aires, where we danced with and for the milongueros.
Some of us make a living as professional teachers, djs and organisers, but all of us are social dancers and happy to move in the ronda in harmony with other couples.

The international team:
Andreas Wichter, teacher + dj (D/F) , founding member
• Anne-Cécile Dubois, teacher (F), founding member
Melina Sedó, teacher + dj (D), founding member
Detlef Engel, teacher (D), founding member
Lynn Collins, dj (UK/F)
Thorsten Janes, photography + design (D)

The Saarbrücken team:
• Barbara Brodt
Ina Wagner
• Gitana Tamajeva, dj
• Zoé Blaiesse
Our local team members are hosting or dj-ing at local Milongas, assisting in Detlef and Melina’s local classes, leading practicas or helping at events. And yes, all of our local Tangokombinat members are female and all dance or learn to dance both roles. Of which we are very proud.

Former Tangokombinat members:
• Sylvia Menzdorf & Jürgen Wyludda, Viento Norte (D)
• Damian Lobato (Argentina/USA)
• Uwe Willié (D)

Our name…
… was inspired by a German movie that Andreas, Detlef and Melina watched in 2004. The film „Schulze gets the blues“ was co-produced by a company called the Film-Kombinat. And although the TK-founders grew up in the western part of Germany, they all feel close to the idea of combining the resources and ideas of individuals to a greater community – which is what the Kombinat idea originally meant in the eastern part of Germany. When one of us said after the movie: „We should found a Tangokombinat“, the idea was born.