Milongas in Saarbrücken

Tangokombinat Milongas

Our monthly milongas with Tangokombinat- or guest-DJs are intimate events with 30-50 visitors. They are however often visited by dancers from a larger region or afar because of Detlef & Melina’s seminars and teacher trainings in Saarbrücken.

Regular location: Tangokombinat Studio, Saarbrücken
Fee: 12€, drinks included (15€ when the milonga takes place in another location)
Corona regulations: 2G+ (proof of recovery or vaccination plus an additional test)

Christmas-Milonga @ Saar 05
Saturday, Dezember 18 / 20.00 – 1.00
DJ Andy Ungureanu
Registration required here!
(In the case of less than 50 bookings, the milonga will take place in our studio. If there are less than 30 bookings, we will cancel the milonga.)

Next dates:
Saturday, January 29 / 21.00 – 1.00
Saturday, February 26 / 20.00 – 24.00
Saturday, March 26 / 20.00 – 24.00
Saturday, April 23 @ Acting & Arts / 21.00 – 1.00


Practilonga @ TANGOKOMBINAT Studio

This is a mixture between a practica and a milonga organised and guided by Gitana. There is an hour of exercises/work on basic principles used in Detlef & Melina’s teaching and two hours of free dancing or practise. The music is presented in tandas with cortinas but will be simpler than in a normal milonga. 
Next dates: 
Registration in advance is necessary!