Milongas in Saarbrücken

Tangokombinat Milongas

Our monthly milongas with Tangokombinat- or guest-DJs are intimate events with 30-50 visitors. They are however often visited by dancers from a larger region or afar because of Detlef & Melina’s seminars and teacher trainings in Saarbrücken.

Regular location: Tangokombinat Studio, Saarbrücken
Fee: 12€, drinks included (15€ when the milonga takes place in another location)
Corona regulations: 3G (proof of recovery/vaccination/negative test)

Next dates:
Thursday, October 21 @ Saar 05 with DJ Andreas Gierstorfer (Berlin) / 21.00 – 1.00
Saturday, November 20 @ Tangokombinat with DJ Melina / 20.00 – 0.30
Saturday, Dezember 18 @ Tangokombinat  / 20.00 – 0.30


Practilonga @ TANGOKOMBINAT Studio

This is a mixture between a practica and a milonga organised and guided by Gitana. There is an hour of exercises/work on basic principles used in Detlef & Melina’s teaching and two hours of free dancing or practise. The music is presented in tandas with cortinas but will be simpler than in a normal milonga. 
Next dates: 
Registration in advance is necessary!