Milongas/Practicas in Saarbrücken

Gran Milonga  @ Saar 05

Dance with us and many of our international friends who join on occasion of our encuentro FCA. 
Date: Thursday, October 12, 21.00 – 01.00
DJ: DJ Andy Ungureanu, 
Fee: 15€ (Drinks & Snacks included)


Minilongas @ Tangokombinat Studio

Our monthly milongas with Tangokombinat- or guest-djs are intimate events with 30-50 visitors. They are however often visited by dancers from afar because of Detlef & Melina’s seminars and teacher trainings in Saarbrücken.

Regular time: 20.00 – 24.00

Next dates:
Saturday, November 18
Saturday, December 23: X-Mas-Milonga / Our present: Free admission!


Practica libre with Estrella Ina and Detlef @ Tangokombinat Studio 

This is no milonga in disguise, but a genuine opportunity to work with other dancers of all levels. There will always be a few exercises in the beginning, but during the rest of the time, you’ll investigate individual questions. Those who come solo, will change roles and partners and give honest, but respectful feedback. And if there are problems – Estrella Ina and Detlef are there to assist.

Wednesdays, 19.30-21.30
Next dates: every week 
Price: 12€ per person / reduced price 8€