Event Locations

Our Headquarters: the Tangokombinat studio
Our studio is located in Saarbrücken, Germany. It is used for our local Minilongas and some of Detlef & Melina’s teaching activities.
We also rent the studio to other parties. If you are interested, please contact us.
Address: Dudweilerstrasse 77, 66111 Saarbrücken (D)

Acting and Arts
A wonderful space with a relaxed and warm ambiance. Our venue for Pequeña or bigger Milongas. This is also where the first Tango Queens Congress in 2020 took place. It’s in 5 Minutes walking distance from our headquarters. See photos on their website.
Address: Dudweiler Landstrasse 7, 66123 Saarbrücken

Zum Hirsch
The location for our mini-FCA in 2020. It is across the river on the other side of Saarbrücken, but still in walking distance.
Address: Saargemünder Str. 11, 66119 Saarbrücken

Congress Centrum – Saal Ost
The venue for or regular FCA. Located in 3 minutes walking distance from the train station, 2 minutes to the pedestrian area. It lies at the banks of the river Saar.
Address: Hafenstrasse 12, 66111 Saarbrücken

Saar 05 Tanzsportzentrum
This is where we our FCA pre-milonga takes place and where our friends Elena & Armin organise their events:
Address: Straße des 13. Januar 10, 66121 Saarbrücken (above Asia-Market)


Hotels in Saarbrücken
Check out some hotel recommendations. Most hotels (except Weller, Etap and the Youth Hostel) are located in the city centre, so that you can reach our venues by foot in 5-20 minutes. You don’t need a car in Saarbrücken.

  • Hotel Madeleine: Bio-Hotel in 5 minutes walking distance from the Tangokombinat studio. Great breakfast!
  • Mercure Hotel: 4-star hotel, 2 minutes from the train station, opposite the Congress centre.
  • Hotel Stadt Hamburg: Simple but clean hotel. Located in the pedestrian area. (If you come by car, make sure to check their info, you have access via a back street)
  • B&B-Hotel: Budget Hotel near the train station. 10 minutes walking distance to city centre, even less to shopping mall (Europa Galerie) and Congress Centre.
  • Motel-One: Budget hotel in the heart of the city. In 12-15 minutes walking distance from the train station.
  • Domicil-Leidinger: Very nice hotel with special ambiance for a fair price. In 15 minutes walking distance from the train station.
  • Jugendherberge Europa: Youth hostel in 1km distance to our TK-studio, 25-30 minutes to city centre.
  • Etap-Hotel: Very basic hotel. Can be reached by tram or car in 10 minutes from the train station.
  • Hotel Weller: Ideal for visits of Pequeña and our Minilonga. It is in 10 minutes walking distance from the Acting and Arts or from the Tangokombinat studio. We would not recommend to use it for the FCA, because other options are so much nearer. The Hotel Weller also rents out 2 or 3 apartments.

Couch surfing with local dancers in Saarbrücken
Please follow this link, if you are visiting one of our events in Saarbrücken. A local dancer might be willing to host you.


How to get to Saarbrücken by train/plane

By train: Saarbrücken is connected with fast trains to all major cities in Europe. There are e.g. direct connections to Paris & Frankfurt – both take less than 2 hours.

Flight to Saarbrücken: Saarbrücken has a tiny airport that serves Berlin, Hamburg and a few other cities.  It is super if you happen to come from there, but booking a connecting flight to Saarbrücken is usually expensive. 

Flight to Frankfurt: The best option is to fly to Frankfurt/Main (FRA) and take the train to Saarbrücken. There is a „Regionalexpress“(regional train) that leaves  from the station for regional trains (Regionalbahnhof) in Terminal 1 to Saarbrücken. The regional train takes 2h45min and runs a couple of times per day. If you don’t catch this direct train, you will be offered connections via Mainz or Mannheim. You can of course also take the direct ICE (fast train) leaving from the „Fernbahnhof“ (also at the airport). If takes only 2 hours and might be pricier than the regional train. But that depends on how early you book your trip. 

Flight with Ryanair: Fly to Frankfurt/Hahn.
Do not assume that Frankfurt/Hahn airport is anywhere near Frankfurt. It is a smaller airport in the countryside ca. 1,5 hours by bus from Frankfurt. Getting from there to Saarbrücken, is no problem, but there is an easy and a more complicated option:
1. BUS: Take the bus shuttle directly to Saarbrücken. Do not forget to book in advance, because this bus is tiny. Unfortunately, it only runs a few times per day, so you might want to check out the next option via Trier:
2. BUS/TRAIN: Take a bus shuttle to Trier and from there the train to Saarbrücken. You will find the bus in front of the terminal building on the DEPARTURES side (go left out of the building). In Trier, the bus does not stop at the train station, but at a roundabout in the outskirts. You need to call a Taxi to get to the train station. (Call: +49 651 12012). There is a train from Trier to Saarbrücken every hour. This bus/train combination will take 2,5 hours minimum, if you are lucky to catch a bus upon arrival. It may take longer, if you have to wait for the next bus.
3. RENT-A-CAR: It is much faster (1,5 hours) and maybe even cheaper (if you travel as a couple or with a group of people) to rent a car at the airport and drive to Saarbrücken.

Flight via Paris: Fly to Paris and take the TGV/ICE to Saarbrücken. It takes only two hours and if you book early, you can get a ticket for 29€.

Flight via another airport: Luxembourg or Strassbourg are other options to get near to Saarbrücken. Both cities are in one hour driving distance to Saarbrücken. Yes, they are nearer than Frankfurt or Paris, but we still mention them later, because flights to these smaller airports is often much more expensive. Unless you find a direct flight to your home town. 

Check out other options by using Rome2Rio