We organise argentine tango events for close embrace dancers: 
Milongas, Encuentros and Festivalitos Milongueros.

Our events present the best traditional tango music in Tandas and with Cortinas by experienced DJs.

We ask our visitors to use Mirada & Cabeceo for invitations, to respect the other couples on the dance floor and to be open for new encounters. 

Although we might sometimes organise a performance, these will always display social tango. You won’t see any flying legs and flashy poses at our events.

We encourage dual role and gender non-conforming dancers to join our events. Our events are open for everyone who shares our philosophy.

We wish to create a peaceful, harassment-free environment and ask everyone to respect the private boundaries of all guests and staff. 

At our events, photos and videos will be taken with great care of not disturbing the flow of the dancers.