New site
Welcome to our new site. After using our old design since 2005, we’ve now decided to move to a wordpress-site. We hope you like it and invite you to browse. In case that you find any mistakes, please alert us. 

Detlef & Melina @ Tangokombinat
Nach fast 18 Jahren internationaler Lehrtätigkeit, haben sich die beiden entschieden, endlich auch regelmäßigen Unterricht in Saarbrücken anzubieten. Informationen hier.
Après presque 18 ans d’einseignement sur la scène internationale, les deux ont decidés de finalement proposer des cours (d’une façon regulière à Sarrebruck. Plus d’infos içi.
After working internationally for almost 18 years, the two have decided to finally offer regular classes in Saarbruecken. More info here.

Couch surfing / Übernachtungsbörse Saarbrücken
Please follow this link, if you are travelling from to one of our events in Saarbrücken.

Next Minilongas @ Tangokombinat Studio
July 20 (DJ Armin Backes)
August 18 (DJ Uwe Willié)
September 14 (DJ Gitana Tamajeva – debut)
October 26 (DJ Susanne Ramp, Cologne)
November, 15 (DJ Melina)

Tangokombinat UK has moved to France
Because of the impending Brexit, our UK-section has now moved to Burgundy in France. Andreas and Lynn will continue traveling as dancers and djs and are currently preparing new projects for the future.