Dos Corazones – Festivalito Milonguero


  • You are happy to dance both roles, dance cross-role or just love the relaxed ambiance that comes from seeing everyone in the room as potential dance partners.
  • But at many open role events, you miss the civilised ronda, close embrace, respectful invitation by mirada & cabeceo and the traditional music you find at encuentros milongueros.
  • Then this is the right event for you!  

The Tangokombinat invites you to join the first open-role-close-embrace event with interesting workshops, great djs and deep connections. The event will take place @ Acting and Arts with 100 dancers plus staff to keep the dance quality at a maximum. 

Melina Sedó & Detlef Engel, the main-organisers of this festivalito milonguero have been for the last years consequently encouraging role-change in their classes and a great number of their students from all over Europe and the USA are now dancing both roles at milongas, marathons and encuentros. Melina has furthermore hosted the first international Tango Queens congress and is boosting double-rolers through her blog or Facebook posts. At their „traditional“ Encuentros and Festivalitos Milongueros, the Detlef and Melina have long replaced gender with role parity and accept double-rolers on top of the balanced leaders and followers. Now they are ready for the next step.

Join them for this wonderful experience on December 15-17, 2023!
(Note: This is a changed date, the original one was 1 week earlier.)



14.00 – 17.15 The Milonguero Bootcamp by Detlef & Melina
19.30 – 20.30 / Apéritif & Introduction
20.30 – 1.30 / Milonga 1 / DJ: Patrycja Kaminska (Poland)

12.30 – 14.00 / Workshop 1 / Eric Jörissen
14.30 – 18.30 / Milonga 2 / DJ: Tara Thurau (USA)
21.30 – 1.30 / Milonga 3 / DJ: Andreas Gierstorfer (Germany)

12.30 – 14.00 / Workshop 2 / Eric Jörissen
14.30 – 19.30 / Milonga 4 / DJ: Melina Sedó (Tangokombinat HQ)
Afterparty @ Tangokombinat DJ:  TBD


Booking procedure
Dancers will register as leaders, followers and double-role dancers. There will be a 15% contingent for dancers who dance only the gender-typical role.