Our Ideas

Tango is international
Tango was created in a mulitcultural setting in the Rio de la Plata region, but from there, it spread out all over the world. We travel to promote and dance this wonderful phenomenon and our events are frequented by milongueros from all around the globe. Each of you participates in the creation of an international phenomenon.

Tango is a social dance
Our classes, demos and events promote tango de salón in a close embrace, danced to the music of golden age. We agree to the codigos, as they are used in Buenos Aires and in traditional Milongas all over the world. They provide a setting of mutual respect and a common goal: to enjoy the music with the other dancers in the ronda.

Tango is a language
We don’t believe in memorising steps. Tango means to communicate with a partner. This is why we teach words and grammar of this language, so that you can transmit your feelings and ideas in accordance to the music.

Tango is for all
No matter what gender, sexual orientation, age or body form, we invite you to join a dance in which both partners equally participate in the process of creation. We encourage the exploration of both roles in our classes and at our events.

Tango is traditional and modern alike
Argentine Tango has a history of more than 100 years. We accept this tradition, but translate its principles into a modern language and develop new ideas. In our classes, we use modern pedagogy, improvisation, bodywork and musical analysis. Tango de Salón is no dinosaur, it evolves constantly!