Encuentros + Festivalitos Milongueros

Pequeña – Festivalito Milonguero

Saarbrücken, Germany
June, 18-20, 2021 (FULLY BOOKED)

We want our international friends to meet the dancers from our home region in a close embrace and friendly ronda. This smaller event with 140 participants will take place in the lovely Acting & Arts studio.
Look forward to great DJs of international reputation, to making new friends and to discovering tango in a few interesting workshops.
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Festivalito con Amigos – Encuentro Milonguero

The FCA is by invitation only. The first edition in 2008 was one of the first international meetings for close embrace social dancers in Europe. In the beginning it was – like Pequeña – a festivalito with some classes and a demo. But over the years, it transformed into a pure Encuentro that attracts dancers from all over the world.
The FCA takes place in October in Saarbrücken and hosts around 200 participants who register as leaders, followers or double-role dancers.

If you are interested in joining some time in the future, feel free to contact us, but please be aware, that the FCA is called „con amigos“ because we actively invite personal acquaintances and will therefore only have very few places open. Also the chances for more single followers are not super good, because we already have a lot of single female friends whom we will balance with single leaders. And those get rarer by the minute.

We expect everyone who joins to be very comfortable dancing in a close embrace, respecting the ronda and inviting by mirada & cabeceo. Not everyone visiting will be a professional, but our standards are nevertheless such, that one can dance with everyone in the room and enjoy it!