Encuentros + Festivalitos Milongueros

Our events for lovers of the close embrace and traditional music are relaxed meetings without pretence or special seating arrangements.
At the FCA and Pequeña, there will always be a perfect balance of leaders and followers plus an additional contingent of  up to 15% for true double role dancers of whom we are particularly proud and encourage through our work as teachers and organisers. At Dos Corazones, it is the other way around: a minimum of 85% double-rolers and a few leaders/followers on top. 
There are of course some requirements which are typical for „milonguero“ events: We expect all participants to be comfortable dancing social tango in a close embrace, respecting the ronda and inviting by mirada & cabeceo. Not everyone visiting will be a professional, but our standards are nevertheless such, that one can enjoy dancing with everyone in the room!


Pequeña – Festivalito Milonguero

Saarbrücken, Germany
June, 13-15, 2025

We want our international friends to meet the dancers from our home region and newcomers to encounter seasoned milongueros. Look forward to great DJs, to making new friends and to improving your dance quality in two interesting workshops.
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Festivalito con Amigos (FCA) – Encuentro Milonguero

Saarbrücken, Germany
October, 11-13, 2024

The FCA is a closed event for our friends and the friends of our friends. The initial edition in 2008 was one of the first international meetings for close embrace dancers in Europe. In the beginning, it was a festivalito with classes and a demo – hence the name. But over the years, it transformed into a pure Encuentro with participants from all over the world. The FCA is for experienced dancers. 
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Dos Corazones – Festivalito Milonguero

Saarbrücken, Germany
January, 3-5, 2025

Open Role in a Close Embrace. An event for double-role dancers and everyone who feels comfortable in an open role context – but with a real milonguero approach!
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