Tangokombinat DJs

The Tangokombinat djs present the best traditional tango music in tandas and with cortinas.

As social dancers we choose music that is 100% danceable and inspiring. The harmony of all dancers in the ronda and with the music is in our ultimate goal. This is why we focus on music from the late 20s to the late 50s because this is the era when the orchestras actually performed and recorded for dancers and not a seated audience.

We care about sound quality and therefore use high quality audio sources and appropriate equipment. At our events we install professional PAs that allow the dancers to delve into the music.

We have been working for many years at local milongas, encuentros, festivalitos milongueros and at festivals. Please contact us anytime, if you are interested in having us at your event.

Melina Sedó

DJing since 2004
Favourite orchestras: Di Sarli, Biagi
Tanda by Di Sarli (instr. 1952-54): Tinta Verde, Siete Palabras, Los 33 Orientales, Una Fija
Specialty: dj workshops

Andreas Wichter

DJing since 2005
Favourite orchestras: All of them!
Tanda by Di Sarli (instr. 1943): La Viruta, Don Jose Maria, Tierra Negra, Nueve Puntos
Note: Andreas is taking a time-out.

Uwe Willié

DJing since 2006
Favourite orchestras: Biagi, OT Victor, Canaro, Troilo
Tanda by Canaro / Maida: Mi noche triste, Donde, Desencanto, Ojos negros que fascinan

Lynn Collins

DJing since 2008
Favourite orchestras: Biagi, Troilo, Canaro, OT Victor
Tanda by OT Victor: Vieja Calesita, Paja Brava, Milonga Porque Lloras, Viento Norte

Gitana Tamajeva

DJing since 2019
Favourite orchestras: Rodriguez, Carabelli, Fresedo, Canaro
Tanda by Rodriguez / Moreno: La Vi Llegar, El Encopao, Tu el Cielo y tu, Flor de Lis

And sometimes we dj as a team.
It is great fun!

The photo shows Andreas, Melina and Uwe taking the bows after their first battle of the djs.

Information for djs who are interested in working at our events:
For our international events, we exclusively invite djs whom we have already heard and who share our philosophy of music for social dancers.
We offer fair conditions because we believe that the dj is the most important person at a milonga.  
Our local milongas are nevertheless small events. For these, we cannot afford high expenses and will usually work with our local team, djs who live in easy driving distance or who are visiting anyway.