Pequeña – guest teachers & djs

Our dj- and teacher team at Pequeña is always composed of Tangokombinat members and dear friends who share our philosophy of social tango in a close embrace.
This is where we present our guests. They are not aloof stars, but social dancers who will actively participate in the event. 
As we believe in continuity, we do not renew our staff constantly. Most djs and teachers will be re-invited for a couple of times. Why change something that is already perfect?

Alja Ferme & Sašo Živanovic´
Ambassadors of the close embrace, who built a tango community in their home town Celje (Slovenia), have been teaching internationally for many years and are organising events since 2011..
Click here to find their website.

Their workshops @ Pequeña:

Saturday: Let it cross
We will embark on a search for configurations where a cross can happen.

Sunday: The rolling hills of vals
We will envision vals as waves of energy, rising and falling, and never completely motionless.

Note: For all workshops, we encourage you to register with a partner. Solo registrations are also possible, if you dance both roles!

DJ Tiziano Franzoi (CH)
Tiziano’s 100% and classical choice has already regaled us a couple of times. He is a regular guest at our events and has graduated from Detlef and Melina’s teacher training.

DJ Thomas Schmirler (D)
This is only the second time that Thomas is djing at a Tangokombinat event. The first time was at the legendary Viento Norte and finally we got him back!