We believe that tango communities can only develop a fine quality of dancing, if the musical choices are not only danceable, but also inspiring. We are social dancers and the music is on our raison d’être.

The Tangokombinat stands therefore for the best traditional tango music presented in tandas and with cortinas. Not only our international events, but also our local milongas aim for a perfect harmony of the dancers in the ronda and with the music.

All of our djs prepare their sets carefully and work with material from good sources. 

All but our newest dj-team-member are frequently invited to work at Encuentros and Festivalitos Milongueros as well as at festivals and local milongas. Please contact us, if you are interested in our work.

We present you:


Melina Sedó

DJing since: 2004
Favourites: Di Sarli, Biagi, Canaro, D’Arienzo (with Biagi)
A Tanda by Di Sarli con Podestá: No está, Volver a vernos, Vamos, Nada
Specialty: DJ-workshops

Non harassment clause

We would like to create an ambiance in which everyone feels safe and can enjoy the company of other dancers .

This is why we kindly ask everyone to adopt a respectful behaviour at our events: measure his or her alcohol consumption,  respect the physical integrity of others, show no intrusive behaviour, no verbal or physical violence.

In case of any trouble like harassment,  any other disturbance, non-respect of your person or witnessed  misconduct on any other person, you are encouraged to report it to the organisers so that we can maintain a safe and peaceful event.

Please be aware that we will respond proportionally and that depending on the gravity of actions this might lead to an immediate exclusion of the event or to further legal steps according to the law in which the event takes place.

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