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Friday/Vendredi/Freitag, 19.30: Apéritif & The Ronda Game / Melina Sedó & Detlef Engel & all Pequeña teachers
After greeting you with a glass of Crémant the teachers and the organisers of Pequeña invite you to tackle the question why even at the best events, the ronda sometimes does not move. We'll discuss ideas about how to best enter the dance floor and how to communicate with the other couples. Be prepared for a fun game that will get you in the right mood for Pequeña! We invite all dancers to join us - experienced and new milongueros alike. This is no workshop, but rather the ideal opportunity to make new friends before the dancing has even started.
Price/Prix/Preis: free/gratuit/gratis. Languages/Langages/Sprachen: english, français, deutsch

Saturday/Samedi/Samstag, 13.30 - 15.00: Workshop 1 / Tango song as a Book / Alja Ferme & Saso Zivanovic
We explore the phrasal structure of a tango song and show how we can reflect it in our dance: we work on the contrastive interpretation of phrasal boundaries, emphasizing the prominent moments of the song, adapting the step dynamics to the mood of a phrase, and much more.
Price/Prix/Preis: 22 € per/par/pro person
Languages/Sprachen: english (si nécessaire, avec traduction française / wenn nötig mit deutscher Übersetzung)

Sunday/Dimanche/Sonntag, 13.30 - 15.00: Workshop 2 / Beyond the Steps / Andreas Wichter & Céline Devèze
In this workshop we will first work on strong, active communication between both partners, made possible through a lively, intense embrace. On this basis we will then develop a strikingly simple method of harmonic dancing suitable for crowded dance floors.
Price/Prix/Preis: 22 € per/par/pro person. Languages/Sprachen: english, français, deutsch