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Friday/Vendredi/Freitag, 19.30: Apéritif & Embracing the Ronda / Melina Sedó & Detlef Engel
After greeting you with a glass of Crémant, we invite you to experience the key features of Encuentro culture: the close embrace and the harmonious movement in the ronda. We invite all dancers to join us - experienced and new milongueros alike. This is no classical workshop, but rather the ideal opportunity to make new friends before the dancing has even started.
Price/Prix/Preis: free/gratuit/gratis. Languages/Langages/Sprachen: english, français, deutsch

Saturday/Samedi/Samstag, 13.30 - 15.00: Workshop 1 / Small but Strong / Alja Ferme & Saso Zivanovic
We will focus on the beginnings of phrases in a tango song. Many of these are strong and make us want to move. We will find them and dance them. But sometimes (think crowded milonga), there seems to be no place to move to ... after this class, this problem will cease to exist!
Price/Prix/Preis: 25 € per/par/pro person
Languages/Sprachen: english (si nécessaire, avec traduction française / wenn nötig mit deutscher Übersetzung)

Sunday/Dimanche/Sonntag, 13.30 - 15.00: Workshop 2 /The anxiety to please - About being passive, active or overactive to please in both roles / Ramona Steckermeier & Imme Oldenburg
What exactly makes an attentive leader or an active follower? How do we play with each other?
We will look at the difference between adornos and active following and at the ability of the leader to listen and support, so that our dance can develop into a real dialogue of pure pleasure.
Price/Prix/Preis: 25 € per/par/pro person. Languages/Sprachen: english, deutsch (si nécessaire, avec traduction française)