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Melina Sedó & Uwe Willié

Our resident Tangokombinat disc-jockeys have been friends for almost 30 years - long before they discovered tango. Together, they make a splendid team, having worked together at numerous Tangokombinat events. It will be their great pleasure to play the finest music on Saturday evening.

Melina has been dj-ing since 2004 all over Europo and the USA at local tango events, as well as international Festivals and Encuentros. Her aim is to create a harmonious flow by finding the right balance between rhythmical and lyrical music from the late 20’s to the late 40’s. By adding one or two more dramatic tandas from the 50’s, Melina assures, that everyone will have fun. The happy faces of the dancers attest to that.

Uwe started dj-ing more than 10 years ago at our famous Bootshaus-Milongas and has since then been bringing 100% danceable music to numerous milongas in our home-region and to some international events abroad. His choice is of course also purely traditional, but he might  - once in a while - choose one of the lesser known orchestras (like Garcia, Malerba or Ortiz) to spice up the Milonga.