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Registration Policy

We organise Abrazos to make people happy, and a major part of making people happy is having a good mix of people coming together to share embraces.
To achieve this mix we have to balance a number of factors such as gender and role (leader, follower or both), local and national with international dancers, experienced encuentro goers with encuentro newcomers and Abrazos veterans with first timers.
This means that whilst registering early will certainly increase your chance of a place, it is not the only criterion we will use.
Abrazos is mainly gender-balanced with places also available for some female
leaders, male followers and people dancing both roles.  All leaders,
regardless of gender, will need ronda competence and confident small space
skills and we ask that all dancers be willing and happy to take care of
everyone's safety and comfort by dancing considerately.
If you are booking as a single follower, please be aware that we might have to put you on a waiting list.
Registering with a partner will increase your chances of getting a place if you are a follower, but please make sure partners fulfil the criteria for leaders mentioned above and share your enthusiasm for Abrazos.
We ask single leaders not to wait too long to register, as it becomes more difficult for single followers to find cheap flights or accommodation the longer they have to wait.