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A summary of our past activities. (Partly in German

  • December 2004: The Tangokombinat is founded. The first practicas take place in January.
  • February, 26 2005: Our first big ball is organised in St. John's church in Saarbrücken. (Nacht des Tango)
  • Februar, 26&27 2005: Workshops with all three Tangokombinat couples at Plattform 3
  • March, 19 2005: First Tangokombinat Milonga at the "Bootshaus".
  • 16. April: Das TK veranstaltet in Kooperation mit Metz Ville Tango die Gran Milonga SaarLorLux in Metz.
  • Mai 05: Damián Lobato geht nach Argentinien zurück. Das TK bleibt mit ihm in engem Kontakt und freut sich auf weitere Zusammenarbeit. Ina Wagner bleibt dem Tangokombinat erhalten und unterstützt uns organisatorisch und künstlerisch.
  • 16. Juli 05: Ausnahmsweise findet die monatliche Milonga im Theater Blauer Hirsch statt.
  • 17. September 05: Wir weihen unser frisch renoviertes Studio in der Dudweilerstrasse (SB) mit einem Tag der offenen Tür ein.
  • 25. September 05: Das Tangokombinat kooperiert im Rahmen des "Tages der Bildenden Kunst" mit dem Künstler Alwin Alles.
  • 15. Oktober 2005: 2. Nacht des Tango in der Johanneskirche mit Orchester Sabor a Tango und Mediakünstler Volker Schütz
  • Ab Januar 2006: Das Tangokombinat bietet regelmäßige Kurse für den Verein Tangotaverne in Landau an.
  • 18. Februar 2006: Vernissage mit Werken des Mediakünstlers Volker Schütz im Kombinatsstudio
  • 14. & 15. Oktober 2006: Intensiv-Workshops im Tangokombinats-Studio.
  • Ganz 2007: Tangokombinat meets Tanzwerkstatt. Workshops und Vorführungen des Tangokombinats in Darmstadt.
  • Ab 2007 Ausdehnung des Einsatzgebietes: das Tangokombinat ist immer mehr weltweit tätig: Detlef & Melina reisen nach Amerika & Buenos Aires, Andreas baut seine Basis in UK aus.
  • 22. Dezember 2007: Große Weihnachtsmilonga im Bootshaus mit Gästen aus Deutschland, Frankreich, Luxembourg, der Schweiz und England. Vorführungen des Tangokombinats mit unseren Freunden Luis Parra & Nicole Burns-Hansen. DJ war Torsten Zörner aus Düsseldorf.
  • Juli 2008: Melina & Detlef wirken für das Tangokombinat beim Experimentalfilm "Der Tanz von Prinzessin Hiroshibelle" von Volker Schütz mit.
  • 20./21. September 2008: Festivalito con Amigos in der Johanneskirche, Saarbrücken. Mitwirkung: Celine Deveze & Philippe Gonella und Nicole Hansen & Luis Parra.
  • 20. Dezember 2008: Große Weihnachtsmilonga im Bootshaus mit DJ Bernd Maurer (Milonga Orillera)
  • Februar 2009: Battle of the DJs: Uwe, Melina und Andreas treten auf der Bootshaus gegeneinander an.
  • 18.-20. September 2009: Festivalito con Amigos mit DJs Philippe Gonella, Thorsten Zörner und Uwe Willié. Demos & Workshops von Marek & Olivera Szotkowski, sowie Thorsten Zörner & Nora Winkler.
  • October, 8-10 2010: Festivalito con Amigos with visitors from 18 different countries at 4 wonderful locations. Our most international event until then! Demos & workshops by Antonio Martinez & Francesca Bertelli, Sebastian Coli-Bazzini & Josefine Boza, El Chino Aguerrodi & Miho Omaki.
  • December, 25 2010: Christmas-Milonga at Theater Blauer Hirsch
  • May 6-8 2011: Abrazos1 in Devon, UK. The first Encuentro Milonguero is a huge success. Teachers: Marek & Olivera, Detlef & Melina
  • October, 14-16, 2011: Festivalito con Amigos with DJs Uwe Willié, Andreas Wichter, Bärbel Rücker, Lampis Zalavras. Special guests: Monica Paz, Alexis Quezada & Celine Giordano, Carole Beauxis & Bernard Casas-Reales. Visitors from 20 countries. This is the first FCA without classes, actually now an Encuentro with even numbers of leaders and followers at 3 of the 4 Milongas. Only the Saturday evening in St-. John's church is still open to the regional dancers.
  • May 4-6 2012: Abrazos2 attractes dancers from all over Europe to Devon, Uk. Teachers: Carole & Bernard, Detlef & Melina. Abrazos will be running for many years, from 2015 on as a pure Encuentro.
  • October 12-14 2012: The first private Festivalito con Amigos takes place in the U2Raum in Saarbrücken. In order to cope with the huge demand and keep the quality of the event high, we have decided to turn the FCA into a closed event on invitation only. It is now a full-blown Encuentro Milonguero. The Tangokombinat is aware of the implications and problems of such an exclusivity and decides to help organizing new Milonguero events to cater to the demand of a wider audience. The guests of honour are Saso Zivanivic & Alja Ferme, Stefan Wimmer & Marian Breedveld.
  • October 18 2012: The first Practilonga takes place in our studio in Saarbrücken. In order to help the local community develop a feeling for social Tango in close embrace, we have started this regular practice. We are helped by our friend Michael Ealem from the USA.
  • March 2013: The first edition of "Viento Norte - Festivalito Milonguero" is organised in co-operation with our new members Jürgen Wyludda and Silvya Menzdorf. Viento Norte is a great success, that will attract dancers from all over Europe until it's last edition (a pure Encuentro) in 2016.
  • July 2013: After some years, in which the Tangokombinat did not organise any regular Milongas in Saarbrücken, the first TK-Milonga is organised in the "Theater Blauer Hirsch" on occasion of the Teacher-Training by Detlef and Melina. Since then, there have been several Milongas per year connected to seminars, TTT and workshops of Melina and Detlef. DJs are usually Uwe or Melina. In some cases, guest-DJs were invited.
  • October 2013 and 2014: These editions of the Festivalito con Amigos take place in the U2Raum until we decide to move it to another venue. Although everyone loved the place, the problems with neighbors prevent us from opening windows. Therefore these two FCAs are also known as "saunas". Guests of honour in these two editions were: Ionut & Ramona Fiscu, Gustavo Benzecry Saba & Maria Olivera, Alan Spotti & Laura Galli, Lena Lamorelle & Marie Primat. The FCA has now become a very international Encuentro, with rarely any dancers from our home region - a fact for which we are a lot critisised.
  • October 2015: The first FCA takes places in the Congress Centre in Saarbrücken. Guests of honour are Lampis Zalavras & Ramona Stechermeier, Carlos Cabral & Ines Tanajara. A poll after the Encuentro shows that the change to the new venue was much appreciated and the transition successful, altough some people miss the U2Raum.
  • June 2016: The first edition of "Pequeña - Festivalito Milonguero" takes place. With this event, the Tangokombinat wants to go back to it's root and unite dancers from our home region with international vistors. We also want to work on the improvement of the dance quality, which is why we decided to include classes into the programm, which were fully booked after one day. As was the new event. It takes place in the Acting & Arts studio - a novely for Tangokombinat events.